Construction of Phase I of the trail project being funded by Harris County Water Control & Improvement District No. 155 (the “District”) will kick off in January. Minor layout activity will begin over the next two weeks with some flagging to identify the trail location. The District anticipates that construction equipment will be on site and construction will commence the last week of January. The project should be completed by May.

The project is located along the north bank of Channel A (the channel running adjacent to Cypresswood Drive) from Crescent Lily to Fairfield Falls Way. The project will consist of an approximately six foot wide concrete sidewalk with grouped tree plantings, benches, trash bins, and doggy waste stations.

If there are any questions or issues regarding the construction, residents should contact the District’s engineer, Larry Mueller at or 713.488.8212. Residents may also provide comments to the District’s Board of Directors at their regular monthly meetings at 5:30 p.m. on the fourth Monday of the month at Bradford Creek Clubhouse or by emailing, the District’s paralegal.

The goal of the District’s trail project is to provide connectivity and beautify the Fairfield trail system, so it can be easily enjoyed by all residents. The first phase of the project will provide better and safer access to the middle school for kids walking or riding bikes.

The location of Phase 1 is shown on the map below: